5 easy steps for a comfortable home office

You might need to restyle the space to create a perfect work and health balance. As the coronavirus (Covid-19) has thrown our society into uncertainty. Social distancing has meant that many of us need to change their everyday lives and (if possible) work or study from home. Not all us have the resources to suddenly invest in a proper home-working environment complete with shiny new desk (Design Bureaus) and Mac computer. Equally, many of us living in smaller, rented accommodation just don’t have the space to, either. Find here some ideas and  simple tips that are easy to put into practice (in most homes), to help you carve out a space for your working day, that keeps you motivated and on top of your game.

home office workstation while quarantain

Photo: Dining table as workstation while practicing yoga


1. Determine your needs

Before choosing where to install your office, think about how much time you will spend there, the number of people who will use it and the equipment you will need: table, chair, computer, etc. The idea is to create the best possible work environment that is practical, pleasant and most important comfy.


2. Choose the spot

If you don’t have the space you need to be creative. Why not make an office in the bedroom, entranceway or living room? Transform your dinning table for example into a office table and move it to a different corner to create a little workspace. If you want to create the sense of a separate work area, paint a section of the wall or place a rug or a big plant to divide the space.


3. Choose your desk

Before buying a new or recycling your current desk ask youself. Does it have a multipurpose such as a dining and office desk. Will it be part of the room or in a seperate work environment. Will you use a laptop or a desktop and monitor? Nothing beats like a comfortable office to improve your efficiency. Take time to think about its layout, chair and good lighting.string-furniture-bureaukast_1

If space is limited, consider using floating desk, which will give it an impression of lightness. Install shelves or cabinets on the wall to save space on the floor. The String desk for example is the ideal desk for small spaces. A work desk that is easy to assemble. Adaptable and adjustable over time. The plex panels are available in wall panels, whereas the wire panels are available in both wall and floor panels. They all come in a variation of measurements, colours and materials.  s285-sfeer-1

Or go for the classic THONET S285 BUREAU which is an important piece of contemporary history. It is as though Marcel Breuer had anticipated today’s home offices and mobile computers: The compact tubular steel desk S 285 that he designed is an elegant companion for modern lifestyle and work. If you are lucky, you might find a Thonet inspired table at the flee markets (when they are open again) or secondhand (online) shop for an affordable price.


4. Customise and Decorate

After your workplace has been set up and the furniture chosen, give your office a personal touch. If you are adding some colour make sure that the place still feels sereen. Think about installing a mirror as well since it will make the space feel bigger and brighter. Finally, place one or more plants to bring a touch of nature into your home.


Photo:  Thomas Bentzen Muuto Linear Wood table

5. Make it comfortable

Your workstation must conform to you and only you. You will need consistency in where the computer is placed, as well as where your hands and feet are to be positioned when working. Your chair is also a very significant aspect of making your workstation as appropriate for you as possible.

First, you need to decide upon the surface height of your desk.  The seat of your computer chair should be such that the work surface is as high as your elbows. This prevents the legs from being pressed more than they should be, and it helps to prevent the feet from swelling. While sitting at your chair, you should be able to slip two fingers under both of your thighs without a problem. As far as the backrest of the chair is concerned, it should push the low back forward ever so slightly. If these requirements are not met, you can use a cushion or footrest to find that ergonomic perfectly angle.

The height of the computer screen plays a role in office comfort too. Sit down in your computer chair and close your eyes, allowing yourself to relax. Once you have, and then slowly open your eyes. The spot where your eyes automatically look to upon opening is where the center of the computer screen should be placed. If necessary, raise the computer screen using books or some type of stand.

By ensuring that your workstation is healthy for you, along with applying various stretches throughout the day you are all set!



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