5 tips for business cards

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5 Tips for business cards

What defines a good business cards? When it comes to professional blogging or starting your own business you should definitely get some now, not when it’s too late and you’re already at the event telling everyone that your business cards haven’t arrived yet.

What’s on it:
Most important things are your name, mail and website. You can also add your job title, address and phone number. It is also possible to share your social media accounts.

Size and material:
Most common size is 55 x 85mm but there are also the minicards that became pretty famous in the last years. Now the square size seems to be popular. Matt or shiny are a matter of taste – I prefer matt.

Print both sides and invest in your business cards. It it is more expensive but will create more credibility. Always put a logo on one side and all other informations on the other.

where to buy:
I always ordered my business cards online for example at Moo. Plus there’s an option to add metallic effects or a linen structure which is pretty nice.

what to do with them:
Don’t run to any party and give your cards to every random person. Just always have a few with you in case someone is asking for your contact information. If someone gives you his/her business card, you can give him/her yours in exchange.


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