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Vipp is still a family-owned, independent, Danish design company run by Holger’s daughter, Jette Egelund, her two children Kasper and Sofie together with 45 employees in Copenhagen, Denmark. Whether it is developing a bin, rethinking the modular kitchen, creating a furniture line or hosting the Vipp Hotel, they still measure the quality of products and concepts on their long-term ability to provide an experience out of the ordinary. Find here some Vipp Design items that you want to add directly to your wishlist.


1. Design lightning – Design verlichting

The Vipp pendant is a lamp for the dining room. The pendant has a perforated lamp shade and matte glass for a pleasant diffusion of light. There are 3997 perforations in the lamp shade of the Vipp pendant allow multiple rays of light to shine through the dark surface. Taking a stand for products with longevity, Vipp lamps are made to be fitted with a replaceable bulb, such as LED, giving them long-term functionality.

vipp-610-loft-bank-sfeer-12 vipp-610-loft-bank-sfeer-9 vipp-610-loft-bank-sfeer-4 vipp-610-loft-bank-sfeer-1

2. The Vipp  Vipp 610 LOFT SOFA is one of the two models available in the Vipp sofa series. The Loft sofa features a wide, angular shape with a wood and steel construction, carried by a slender frame of powder-coated steel. The combination of a solid powder-coated aluminium frame together with high-quality textile or leather upholstery makes this a true timeless centerpiece in your home.

0vipp-421-bijzettafel-sfeer-02 (1)

3. The Vipp coffee table is a versatile table for the living room. Also available in a larger version, this table features a three-legged frame of black powder-coated aluminium and a tabletop of either polished marble or dark oak that can make a instant chique corner in your room.


vipp-451-fauteuil-sfeer-24. The Lounge chair. Inspired by the monochrome architecture and interior of the Vipp Shelter, the Vipp lounge chair features similar attributes expressed through the choice of solid materials and the dark tones of the leather upholstery.vipp-52-office-bin-sfeer-1

vipp-52-office-bin-sfeer-2Last but not least, the office bin is equally suited for office spaces and for the home. The office bin features a stainless-steel construction and durable rubber wrapped in a timeless design. This bin is fitted with discreet rubber wheels, and a hidden metal ring keeps the bin liner in place.

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