5 x design gifts

Not all gifts are created equal. Some breathlessly endorses a shop by giving a giftcard, some are obligatory  (socks, sweaters, scarves, and flowers), and some are becoming obsolete.

Not these design gifts. These are the presents you buy for someone with good taste (or to show off your even better taste). Gifts that will give you serious design credibility. Find here a top 5 list of affordable gifts (between 25 – 50 EUR ) that are carefully engineered,  crafted with love and just plain good-looking gifts that will never become obsolete or outdated, and still hold their value in the future.moebe-floating-leaves-sfeer-1_2 moebe-floating-leaves-a4-sfeer-2


​Floating leaves is the result of a collaboration between three Copenhagen based design companies; MOEBE x Paper Collective x Norm Architects. This series of botanic photography has been created especially for the Moebe Frame, and is produced through a special printing technique onto transparent film.

‘The Sabi Leaves photos are inspired by the gathering of botanic samples and classic botanic illustration. Playing with an element of decay, the Sabi Leaves also become iconic expressions of time frozen. They are visibly vulnerable to the effects of weathering and have recorded the sun, wind, rain, heat and cold in a language of discoloring, rust, tarnish, stain, warping, shrinking, shriveling and cracking. Their nicks, chips, bruises, scars, dents, peeling and other forms of attrition are a testament to their history. Through the transparency of print and frame the leaves get a unique sense of multi-dimensionality rarely achieved in printed products.”



2. HAY HANG – set of 5 pcs – 10,80 EUR

A minimalist metal hanger that takes up less room in your closet than most hangers and therefore lets you store more clothes in the same amount of space.


3.FERM LIVING RIPPLE GLAS – set of 4 33,15 EUR

This Ferm Living design by Trine Andersen set of four glasses features a beautiful ripple surface. The vertical ripples add a strong and sophisticated look and the varied geometric shapes create dynamic and energy between the glasses and function as a stackable design element. Pair them with the matching carafe for a stylish set at breakfast, lunch or dinner.


4. Ferm Living neu bowl – 38,25 EUR

The neu bowl is inspired by Bauhaus classics, using strictly geometric shapes. The look is softened by the vivid grey glaze, which gives the bowl an unique touch. The neu bowl is made in stoneware with a reactive glaze. Dishwasher safe. A practical gift that they will be eternally grateful for



5. Muuto Silent vase - 49 EUR

A form in mouth blown glass, the Silent Vase is Scandinavian design at its subtlest. Available in two sizes and multiple colors, the Silent Vase is a humble yet decorative addition to any space.



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