5 x outdoor inspiration

When it comes to making your backyard your holiday destination, the opportunities to create something beautiful and unique to your home are endless. Sometimes narrowing down what’s the best outdoor furniture can be tricky with so many trends out there, from cozy chairs for lounging or durable outdoor rugs that are crafted to last.

Find here  5 x outdoor inspiration:

1. Durability is key


If your space isn’t covered, take into account that the sun and rain will have an impact on what you buy. Consider therefore weather-proof materials. Elevate the space with just a few elements. For example a rug under a dining table, coffee tables and outdoor lightning. Borek Outdoor furniture pushes the boundaries of design and innovation in order to create high-quality, craftsman-built products which provide the ultimate in seating comfort or the perfect shade. Different varieties such as the Teak Collection, the outstandingly resilient Rope Collection or the crisp styling and solidity of the Aluminium & Stainless Steel Collection. There is also a full range of outdoor living accessories to complete the look of your outdoor space.

Borek connects indoor and outdoor living in style. Enjoying the outdoors is all seasons. Unwind in the atmosphere that Borek create with their outdoor furniture (design tuinmeubelen). They have a suitable design for every garden. This is real outdoor furniture but it looks just as good indoors.

2. Backyard escape with natural materials

borek-rope-verdasio-lounge-chair-sfeerbeeld-01 borek-rope-verdasio-lounge-chair-sfeerbeeld-03
Ph. The perfect indoor and outdoor Borek Verdasio Design tuinstoel

3. Warm esthetics with teak




4. Industrial modern


borek-aluminium-dekton-peniche-tafel-antraciet-ardenza-rope-mira-stoel-sfeerbeeld-02 borek-aluminium-dekton-peniche-tafel-antraciet-ardenza-rope-mira-stoel-sfeerbeeld-01


5. Clean Lines

2022-borek-teak-hybrid-sfeerbeeld_1 (1)



Did you know that Borek works closely together with well-known Dutch designers such as Eric Kuster, Marcel Wolterinck, Remy Meijers, Bertram Beerbaum and Frans van Rens? And just as a beautiful wine matures, so does the Borek collection. In addition to functionality, each Borek piece of designer furniture must also represent Dutch design in terms of appearance. Innovation in new production techniques and materials is also a result of the collaboration between Borek and well-known designers.


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