A dream loft

The Playing Circle is located in Amsterdam’s Vaudeville theatre on the 3rd floor. An interior design agency with one single passion; seeing spaces work their magic on people. They bring spaces to life by decorating them with all their favourite finds in the field of furniture, arts, accessories and curiosa. Imagine yourself a dream loft!

dream-loft-vaudeville-theatre-loft-playing-circle-2 dream-loft-vaudeville-theatre-loft-playing-circle-3dream-loft-vaudeville-theatre-loft-playing-circle-10 dream-loft-vaudeville-theatre-loft-playing-circle-5dream-loft-vaudeville-theatre-loft-playing-circle-11 dream-loft-vaudeville-theatre-loft-playing-circle-6 dream-loft-vaudeville-theatre-loft-playing-circle-8 dream-loft-vaudeville-theatre-loft-playing-circle-9A dream loft 

The Playing Circle creates atmospheres where people feel comfortable and at home, by combining natural materials with soft colours and characteristic furnishing with inspiring accessories.

Photography by Studio Aico


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