Bemz covers for sofas

Elevate your IKEA furniture with replacement IKEA sofa covers & extra IKEA couch covers. Bemz made it possible to change your sofa in any color and fabric.  Being able to order 5 free fabric samples, that helped us make the right decision on color and fabric. Find here my VIMLE IKEA sofa with two different covers. Belgian Linen blend and Pink Velvet!


Belgian Linen Blend – Absolute White

An exclusive 100% natural fabric in a linen and cotton blend. This textured basketweave fuses cotton’s durability with linen’s slight sheen. A stylish yet family-friendly fabric that becomes more supple and comfortable with every wash. Designed by Bemz. Woven in Belgium.



Malmen Velvet – Rose

A carressably soft (make it hard to leave your sofa), sophisticated, premium velvet fabric. Its tightly woven, short, fine pile creates a matte finish, for a classic, soft-washed look. Available in a muted palette of contemporary Scandinavian shades. Designed in-house. Dyed and woven in Europe. Made of a cotton/polyester blend. Not stain protected.


I’m super happy with the Vimle series as it sectional/modular so the various sections of the seating series can be connected together in different combinations or used separately as standalone pieces. This 3 – seater sofa is comfy and modern looking and Bemz happen to offer it any configuration. I removed the original IKEA sofa cover within 15 minutes by myself before fitting the Bemz slipcover. All Bemz cushion covers for Vimle come with zippers and all other pieces are attached with velcro. This is truly a great way to change up your interior in totally different styles!



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