Carpet trends 2022

Winter is coming. It’s time to change up all the hard surface flooring with Design vloerkleden in the house. Regardless of the latest upgrades and innovations. You want to cozy up your home.To make sure that your rug is just as beautiful and functional as other flooring options. You might want to invest in a key item. There are nowadays so many stylish carpet patterns with jaw-dropping new features.


JoV Archie

Time to invest

Carpet trends 2o22 will be filled with some incredible patterns, looks, textures, and more. And if you want to invest in a timeless piece. Than JOV might be a brand for you. JOV offers exclusive handmade rugs for unique interiors, born from nature’s best.

JOV uses premium materials. Their designers and makers combine knowledge with heritage, and quality with sustainability. At JOV, they are effectively balancing the traditional and the contemporary, while relying on the intelligent use of honest materials.
As a result, their rugs are journeys of visions through different atmospheres, senses, landscapes and colours. Each JOV rug tells a different story, evoking a different emotion.

The common ground of every vision and every rug is Nature. Nature provides us with the finest raw materials, such as wool, natural silk, Belgian linen, mohair, and cotton. With its sophisticated colours, muted shades and soft textures, Nature is also the main source of inspiration for every design. Inspiration through imagination.
The unique qualities of the materials combined with the imagination of natural elements give each rug its strong, pure and beautiful heart.

Get ready to cozify your home and get inspired with the below designs.

OutOfLine_Dag2_113-scaledJoV / GentFozzy_JoV_KP_045-1180x810JoV / GentIsland_JoV_KP_028-1-scaledFlora_JoV_KP_024-scaledRoundRug_JoV_KP_055-1180x810


JoV rugs go beyond beautiful. They believe in products that are unique and durable. Timeless elegance and long-lasting comfort are at the heart of everything they do. Since sustainability is also a part of JOV’s philosophy, it is naturally incorporated into all processes: from carefully choosing our suppliers, manufacturers and materials, to informing customers about how to care for products to prolong their lifespan.

The selection of a wide range of sustainable and innovative materials results from a continual research activity, capable of achieving high performance while preserving the quality and durability of the products.


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