Dreamy, Nature-Inspired Lagoon Tables

Take home a piece of your Caribbean vacation with these new lagoon tables by Alexandre Chapelin of LA TABLE. Made by merging ocean-coloured resin with travertine marble, these pieces ooze tranquility, there’s no doubt that these would be the perfect addition to a minimal living room. Head here for a closer look at the tables.

lagoon-table-interior-irenevanguin-1 lagoon-table-interior-irenevanguin-2 lagoon-table-interior-irenevanguin-5 lagoon-table-interior-irenevanguin-6 lagoon-table-interior-irenevanguin-7 lagoon-table-interior-irenevanguin-9

Lagoon Tables

Tables do not get much better looking than these Lagoon Tables. Dreamy, Nature-Inspired Lagoon Tables will Add Tranquility To A Modern Home. The concept LA TABLE is to take a simple piece of furniture and creatively transform it into a unique artistic statement that is a true reflection of its owner.

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