Easy ways to upgrade your outdoor living


Now that we are spending more time inside to comply with COVID-19 measures the most of you might go for a homecation or gardencation. Here are some ideas for you to improve your outdoor space with some design garden furniture (Design tuinmeubelen) so you can soak up more sunshine or enjoy the nightlife in your backyard or balcony.


A lounge chair or a hammock
Invest in an eye-catching comfy chair which is a simple way to update your backyard. They take up less space, and there are plenty of designs and styles to choose from that will work in almost any setting. It’s also a great choice if you want to achieve that beachy vibe using a decorative accessory. Whether you put it on your terrace, or patio, a hammock’s easy swinging motion is calming and it can be a relaxing way to end your day.
 HAY PC Portable Lamp



One way to embrace outdoor living and make your space an extension of your living room is to invest in additional lighting. Lightning, such as floor or table lamps and lanterns, will not only brighten up your backyard but will also add interest to it. Just make sure to choose lamps that are designed for the outdoors and are weatherproof. Another brilliant idea is hanging string lights along a fence to give your yard a rustic vibe.

Mix and match

In creating your perfect outdoor oasis, it should not only be stylish, cozy, and comfortable but also functional. It’s where you would love to curl up at night with a good book and a cup of tea, or where you will have cozy diner as if you are at the restaurant. You can mix and match your seating options to achieve that curated and eclectic style. Pull together benches, chairs or cushions for a unique look. You can add floor pillows and poufs to create extra seating in your lounge area because who doesn’t love that Ibiza interior feel?





Add different textiles, such as cushions, plaids and rugs. It is an affordable update. Just enhance texture and complement the color scheme of your outdoor space. You can also add new accent pillows, cozy floor cushions, and slipcovers to reinvigorate the area. When designing exposed spaces, remember to always check for inclement weather to make sure that any items that could get damaged make their way into storage. When possible, choose outdoor fabrics that can withstand the sun’s rays and also dry quickly once weathered.


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