Flos Glo-ball design

misterdesign-FLOS-GLO-BALL-MINI-TAFELLAMP-interieur-verlichting-irene-van-guin-01Discover Flos world: lighting design collections made of iconic and innovative lamps for home, outdoor lighting and architectural lights. The cutest/contemporary mini lamp that is multifunctional. Find here Flos Glo-ball Mini Tafellamp a table/desk lamp providing diffused light.

The Glo-Ball family of lighting exemplifies by Jasper Morrison ‘s super normal design ethos. Designed to achieve the maximum diffusion of light, the Glo-Ball series features a bulb housed within a hand-blown sphere of etched white opaline glass. The Glo-Ball table lamp has a shade in hand-blown, opal white glass. The spherical shade maximises the diffusion of light while minimising the light’s profile: the light appears as a flat glowing disc when illuminated and issues a soft and clean white light.

You might know Jasper Morisson’s via his other work such as the Hannover Tram, Luxmaster lamp, Glo Ball pendants, Smithfield Pendant, The Folding Air Chair, The Low Air table, Pots and pans for Alessi The famous Glo-Ball ceiling/wall lamp in a Mini C/W edition. Glo-Ball has an organic shape that ensures its suitability for open spaces. Note that there are two versions – one for mounting on the wall or ceiling and one for mounting on a mirror.

misterdesign-FLOS-GLO-BALL-MINI-TAFELLAMP-interieur-verlichting-irene-van-guin-03Floss glo-ball Design Tafellamp  and Occasional Table LTR – Vitra via misterdesign / Kristina Dam marble cube table  / H&M bedsheets / Pure talalay bliss pillow / All Seasons Duvet from Dickenbergh 

Flos was founded by Dino Gavina and Cesare Cassino in 1962 in the Italian town of Merano. The company still manufactures some of its original, classic models. Its main location is in Bovezzo, Italy. Flos manufactures a range of standing, table, mounted, pendulum, and outdoor lamps for private as well as commercial use.

From the very beginning, Flos has been known for its high-quality approach to lamp manufacturing, design, and production processes. Many of their lamps designed specifically for commercial use are some of the most famous and successful products on the industrial design market.




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