irene-van-guin-hometour-interieur-interior-ivg-den-haag-oud-weeshuis-keuken-vide irene-van-guin-hometour-interieur-interior-ivg-den-haag-oud-weeshuis-kitchen-vide-keuken-eetkamer irene-van-guin-hometour-interieur-interior-ivg-den-haag-oud-weeshuis-livingroom irene-van-guin-hometour-interieur-interior-ivg-den-haag-oud-weeshuis-woonkamer-inspiratie irene-van-guin-hometour-interieur-interior-ivg-den-haag-oud-weeshuis-kitchen

irene-van-guin-hometour-interieur-interior-ivg-den-haag-oud-weeshuis-kitchen-vide-livingroom irene-van-guin-hometour-interieur-interior-ivg-den-haag-oud-weeshuis-neushoorn-kunst irene-van-guin-hometour-interieur-interior-ivg-den-haag-oud-weeshuis


Hometour – VOID house

THE HAGUE – Do you love living in an open concept home or do you prefer the coziness of a more closed space? Formerly an orphanage now a family house with an open concept living room, kitchen, and dining. Which gives out a better interaction when friends and family are coming over. You can cook and serve or work at the bar facing main rooms, being able to talk to friends in all main rooms and see the view. The convenience of open space, no running into walls, or doorways!


Open concept:

1 Promotes interaction between family members when time is at a premium (multitasking for moms and dads)

2 Invites more light into space and air, something all of us need, living in confound city environments

3 Removes “dead” spaces from interiors – those dining rooms that no one ever uses for dining; libraries that collect dust; offices that make kids wonder if they have parents, etc.

4 Promotes inter-generational living – grandma and grandpa can sit in the center and finally watch the fruits of their lives’ labor – grown kids and grandkids. Alzheimer’s will have to wait.

5 Teaches everybody to cooperate, making space function for all. Hanging out together does not mean watching TV all the time.




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