Hometour inspiration #03

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Hometour industrial style

Let’s peak in side the house a cozy industrial appartement from Marcel and Loan. The appartement sits in the heart of Rotterdam.  Find here industrial lighting and lots of old and new furniture and accessoiries. You have to love this eclectic mix of vintage and modern furniture. A sereen bedroom, a great living room you want to hang out with your friends. The way the bookcase has been built in the living room is very clever. It saves up space and light in the room.

The open kitchen I think, is perfect. Love the combination of the blue tiles on the wall with the hyper professional kitchen cabinets. A kitchen where you can spend hours working on your cooking skills! This appartement is a nice example that even raw materials can be used to create a warm, comfortable and cozy living space.  Contact info@irenevanguin.com and make chance to get featured on the next hometour!





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