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The flick of a switch is a thing of beauty, and I must admit that I’m a kinda gadget freak. Normally, you get home from a soul-crushing day at the office, and you had to flick the switch one by one. Saying bye bye to that old-fashioned way to go. Love the flexibility of the Philips Hue system meaning that if you already have lamps you can just replace the bulbs with a hue bulb there is no need for any special lamps or fittings. Place all Hue bulbs and download the app, have it connect to the Hue bridge, then and only then, turn on the lights. Trust me it feels like magic!


Before you can enjoy all of the Hue’s features, you will have to set up remote access. The quick configuration will let you control your lights from anywhere, and allow your phone to interact with the Hue bridge.

Setup is simple:

  • Connect the Hue bridge directly to the router
  • Download the Hue app and swipe up from the bottom to reveal the bulb controller menu. Tap the Settings button in the upper-left corner.
  • Tap Login to portal, and your browser will launch.
  • If you haven’t already, register for a Hue account. Otherwise, sign in with your existing account. Immediately, you’ll be asked to grant the Hue remote access. Accept.
When the process is complete, head back to the Hue app, and you’re set. Now you can control your lights, You have also just unlocked a bunch of awesome features. The Hue app will Enable/disable lights & Change colors, saturation and brightness, set up alarms. Find here below the different scenes and ambiances

irene-van-guin-philips-hue-your-home-ambiance-light-lampen-slaapkamer-led-woonkamer-roze-interieur copyPink lighting for a Friday night party with girlfriends!irene-van-guin-philips-hue-your-home-ambiance-light-lampen-slaapkamer-led-woonkamer-interieur-licht-kantoorSpecial focus lighting at the officeirene-van-guin-philips-hue-your-home-ambiance-light-lampen-slaapkamer-wake-up-light-interieurIt also goes perfectly in the bedroom with special light for reading and sleeping. Furthermore it can also be used as a wake up light system in the bedroom too. Ready to automate your home lighting system with Philips Hue?


*The giveaway of the Philips Hue White & color ambiance starterset worth 199 EUR will be announced 17th of december 10.00 PM. ** Giveaway closed


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