Huize Looveld – Energy efficient house

The house is designed to conserve as much energy as possible and has high levels of insulation combined with a heat recovery system. Solar thermal collectors and a heat accumulating wood stove serve as additional energy sources. Only during the coldest winter days will the house need an external heat source.Huize-Looveld-by-Studio-Puisto-and-Bas-van-Bolderen-1huizelooveld_2-Studio-Puisto-Architects-van-bolderen-irene-van-guin-blog-architecture-design
huizelooveld_5-Studio-Puisto-Architects-van-bolderen-irene-van-guin-blog-architecture-design huizelooveld_10-Studio-Puisto-Architects-van-bolderen-irene-van-guin-blog-architecture-design
For the interior the goal was a diverse but clear layout. The knot responds to this by separating the house into three distinct wings that come together in the heart of the house: the double-height dining room. The wings offer privacy and seclusion, but company is never far away.
From the open living space the four main windows interact specifically with the landscape along each of the cardinal points. To the north a high window brings in the northern light. To the east a folded window embraces the enclosed garden. Towards the south a tube like window frames the view. To the west a huge window gives a panorama of the fields and the evening sun.
Local building regulations required the house to fit into the environment. By default that meant that the structure should be similar to the historical white plastered architecture of the neighboring houses. They opted instead to blend the house with the natural environment surrounding it. The dark, stained, vertical boards of larch make the building disappear against a backdrop of trees. The new house embraces the landscape and makes interaction with the surroundings its most important asset -both outdoors and inside.
Huize Looveld via studio Puisto Architects; Willem van Bolderen in cooperation with Bas van Bolderen


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