Ikea Kivik sofa now with a white cover! / Bijenkorf lamp / Second hand vase & table / H&M candlesFatboy Baboesjka 

The Fatboy Baboesjka pillow set: 3 attached pillows with a robust strap. The new grandmother of the Fatboy family is one you’ll be happy to invite over for a drink or visit without her begging for it. This pouffe is a stylish extra piece of furniture in your home!

Mix and match the different colours and create your own perfect stack. Loosen the strap and you’ll have three loose pouffes to lounge on. The top layers of each pillow are stitched in a specific way, to create an esthetic pattern and a comfortable puffy like fluffiness. It’s very cuddly. The fabric is washable, so you can take Baboesjka outdoors to your balcony or garden.The ideal furniture for indoors and outdoors!


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