Wearing: H&M trend shirt/H&M slipdress and collar     
Interior: HEMA sheets / Ikea plaid / H&M ruffle cushion cover

How I start my day…

When I wake up, I generally take a coffee/tea (and as often as possible I fitness) and here is what I do generally before anything else, it takes me about an hour:

- Brush my teeth and do the whole facial cleansing routine Check skincare post
- Search through my clothing rack what to wear..
- Put some make up on; concealer/eyeliner/mascara/highlighter/blush/lip balm
- Drink my delicious Nespresso latte macchiato or some fruity tea 
- check my tweets@replies and direct messages on twitter
- check new comments on my blog
- write a post: today; lifestyle
- post some photos on my blog, Facebook and Twitter
- finally check emails

How do you start your day?


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