Scandinavian interior design look

Scandinavian is just as much a lifestyle as it is an interior design look. Known for its simplicity and contemporary style, Scandinavian interior incorporates whitewashed walls, wooden floors, earthy tones and plenty of natural light. With both a minimalist and hygge feel, this style has pleasing pastel palettes, clean lines furniture with natural raw elements. Scandinavian wallpaper (Luxe behang) and mural designs can help you bring more character and minimalist charm to your Scandinavian styled interior.

Everybody wants their place to be comfy and homey, right? Find here 3 tips on how to get that Scandinavian interior design look.


1. All White Everything

A nordic palette would have no more than four key shades and rely heavily on whites and lighter hues as it reflect the natural light better. These colors blend well with natural wood. Decorate the plain white walls of your livingroom with an atmospheric forest feature wall and escape to your own forrest retreat. Style your wall with for example Arte behang. Or go for that Nordic detailed look with white or neutral wood effect wallpaper to give that cosy cabin feeling.


Or go bold with  Swedish-inspired geometric or golden wallpaper (Grafisch behang or Goud behang).



2. Hygge is a Way of Life

Scandinavians take comfort and coziness seriously (Hygge lifestyle), and that’s certainly reflected in the way they decorate and what types of materials they use. Think fluffy sheepskins, suede, woven rope, chunky cable knits, and lots of ceramics for your warm beverages like tea and coffee. It’s all about using texture to create warmth.

photo via pinterest

Photo via Pinterest


3 Greens everywhere

Embrace your crazy plant lady or fella for a legit Scandi vibe in your space. Try to connect the outdoor and indoor environments, live plants are often incorporated indoors. Put your greenery on display!

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Now go get your hygge style on! There’s a reason this region is known for its widespread happiness. It just might have something to do with their carefully designed homes.

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