When comfort comes first

Anyone who remembers the 90s/early noughties will remember the massive influx of skater brands that affected our clothing choices. The company became synonymous with the skater shoe, a sort of padded trainer that was incredibly comfortable, easy to wear and protected your foot from the wear and tear of inevitable falls and trips.
However, they were also incredibly bulky and didn’t convincingly work with anything other than the baggy jeans or shorts that were stylish at the time. This meant that, gradually, Vans somewhat drifted out of the wider fashion consciousness. Well, that’s all about to change with the Vans Authentic shoe. The Vans Authentic is very different from its skater cousin. Whereas the skate shoe was weighty and inelegant, the Authentic is thinner and very easy to match up with most trouser designs. 

Based on original styles inspired by Vans’ humble origins in California, the Vans Authentic looks and wears far more like a deck shoe. And whilst you can get varieties more closely related to plimsolls, it’s the deck shoe that will, without doubt, bring that extra bit of style and comfort to any outfit. AND I will reveal my secret… I actually have these in my handbag while wearing killer heels haha;)


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