zuiver-high-on-wood-dressoir-kikkerland-fonq-4Zuiver High on Wood cabinet / Zuiver Floor lamp / Kikkerland brass plant mister / Kikkerland wood votive holders / The Posterclub – Kristina Krogh, LevelsHema vase

As a huge fan of Zuiver  it started all of with my first buy, the white Tripod.  A floor lamp that is elegant and yet very modern. This three legged beauty is the 21st century answer to the good old shaded-lamp. These tripods are available in different colors. To make the living room less white I decided to add some splash of wood in the room. I just love the combination of classic, heavy oak and the huge contrast with sleek, glossy, super modern MDF cabinet. Zuiver High on Wood cabinet will hold everything you don’t want to reveal to the world in a very hip way!


zuiver-high-on-wood-dressoir zuiver-tripod-vloerlamp13_0722009000100000_pro_flt_frt_01_1108_1528_811623brass-plant-mistervaas-13311233-product_rd-2074944720


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