10 reasons to love fall


10 reasons to love fall

The Summer is good and all, I mean, it’s really, really good. But it always gets too hot, and the next thing you know, your make up’s dripping off, and then you’re desperately wishing for the soothing breeze, right? While there’s still a little summer left to savor, I can’t help but look forward to the best parts of fall. It reminds me of pumpkins, crisp weather and going back to school (Yep, I  just started my Master in information knowledge). Anyway, here are some reasons why Fall is the best season…

1. Falling leaves are gorgeous

Don’t you love the beautiful colors of the changing leaves? It’s like the whole world comes alive with vibrant colors. I can’t help but go for walks during fall to look at all the trees and their leaves.

2. All your favorite TV shows return with new seasons!

3. Even if you’re too old for back-to-school shopping, it’s still tempting to buy an entirely new wardrobe.

You can finally dream of plaid, cozy sweaters, and boots without sweating. I mean really, must I say more? It’s all about the layering right? (This might be the reason why I just started my master, well at least it’s a good excuse…)

4. Pumpkin Spice Lattes

For whatever reason pumpkin spice coffee, which is my favorite, is only available during the fall. It’s such a shame I only get to enjoy it for a few short months out of the year.

5. No more sweaty humidity

I have long, fine wavy hair. The humidity kills me and leaves me looking like a giant frizzy fuzz ball. Who feels me on this one?

6. Legitimate reasons to stay home on a Friday night

During the summer, the day feels wasted if you didn’t grill outdoors or go to the beach. In the fall, it’s perfectly acceptable to pass out after eight consecutive hours of Netflix. Keep warm while watching a movie or just having a great conversation on the couch.

7. Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is really just a great excuse to drink heavily and party. Not that we need any more of that, but it’s all fun if you drink responsibly.

8. Darker makeup looks

Bring on the smoky eye and burgundy lips!

9. Shaving less

Don’t pretend you don’t shave your legs less in the fall. Really, why bother? Fall means wearing pants a majority of time. I’ll admit if no one is going to see my legs, I don’t waste the energy shaving.

10. And finally, is there anything better than jumping into a pile of freshly-raked leaves?


So many reasons to love fall. I’m sure you have some of your own reasons to love fall.

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