30 Things to Do Before Turning 30


30 Things to Do Before Turning 30

Turning 30 is a major milestone. For many it means that you’re no longer in the hard-partying, bad decision-making stage of your life, for better or for worse. Before you turn the big 3-0 (or even if you already have), here are 30 things you should do, from adrenaline-pumping activities to experiences that help you grow.


1. Travel alone

At this point in your life you may feel like you need to go on a journey to find yourself, make changes in your life, or discover what life is really all about. Traveling solo is a great experience and something you might want to do before you turn 30. So before you make big life changes traveling by yourself to see places you’ve never been to before will be an experience that will benefit yourself and others.

2. Go dating and fall in love

Fall in love. 20s’ romance is something that a child always dreams of and an old man never forgets. Remember, not every date has to turn into love, but if you find someone special, make sure you keep them for long. You will be surprised just how much you will learn about yourself in the process when you’ve dated different people.

3. Start a work out regime

People who are fit later in life started making the right choices at a young age. If you build the foundation in your teens and twenties, finding the time to go exercise for 45 minutes a day is a relatively easy task. Once your fitness plan becomes part of your routine, you’ll find it difficult to live without it. I’d outline the benefits of this, but they’re pretty self-explanatory.

4. Do something that scares you

If you’re not living on the edge, you’re occupying too much space. Risks help you grow and learn which is not experienced in a coccoon of “safety”.

5. Make mistakes

Everyone around you will tell you to play it safe, to not risk anything. Don’t follow that path. Take your chances. Do what you feel like doing. You will always be proud of things you did (no matter you failed or succeeded). Not trying is the worst form of failure – keep that in mind.

6. Ride on a motorcycle

Safety first! I’ve only been on a motorcycle once, but it was a thrilling experience that I’ll never forget. It’s almost like the first time you went on a roller coaster when you were a kid, but this roller coaster ride is one adults will appreciate and enjoy much more. Though it may be a little scary at first, your mind starts to feel free as you are one with the road and nothing else seems to matter at the moment!

7. Quit your job and go to college 

Right now you are working at a job that just pays the bills or you are working your way up the ladder to get to where you’ve always wanted to be. Push yourself, be inspired, go back to school if you need to, and believe that you will get there. You are never too late to dream, change your life, or learn new skills to start working at your dream career. Though it can be expensive, going to college is definitely worth the investment. You’ll make friends, acquire connections, and be around (moderately) smart people all day, every day. The younger you do it, the better.

8. Go on a road trip

So you might not live in the states, but you’ve been dreaming of taking a big road trip before you turn 30. You’ve been wanting to see the country side of Italy or England and just enjoy driving while the music is playing loud, the windows are rolled down, and your besties is riding shot gun! Pack for days, bring your favorite tunes and sunglasses, and get ready to stop at random places and find hidden spots along the way that you’ve never heard of before. Make this the road trip of a lifetime!

9. Go on long hike and become one with the nature

Preferably one that goes uphill the entire way. You’ll feel accomplished, and you’ll lose so many calories that you can eat whatever you want for a week! By doing this before 30, you lessen the risk of passing out and tumbling down the mountain.

10. Make new friends

Making a valuable connection with people is an extremely important skill and need in this world that’s moving quickly towards an online communication platform. It’s a great way to find jobs, friends, love, and business opportunities. Eventually you will realize that the value of your life is not measured by money, but by people who love you and care for you.

11. Learn how to cook

Perhaps this stems from my love for creation, but cooking gives me immense joy! It’s much like meditation to me after which I can enjoy the fruit of the meditation on my tongue. I love cooking for others, and they always leave with a smile, which makes me happy.

12.  Start your own business

When you are under 30 and have no kids or spouse, it’s easier to try a business. Then even if you fail, it will only affect you not your family and no one will be reminding you that you failed.

13. Get lost for the day

Get lost in a random city, switch off GPS and roam unknown streets. Be open to uncertainties, plan less.

14. Spend time with your parent 

You got out of the puberty a long time ago, time to start acting that way. I know, parents have a hard time adapting to this ever changing world of cat videos and various memes, but the fact that they are 25 years older than you means that it would be a good idea to listen to them now and there.

15. Spend money on experiences, not material  stuff.

As you get older, you will have more commitments.  The memories you create for yourself are priceless because you will always have a story to tell. The expensive watch you bought may eventually rust. Your $200 sunglasses could get stolen. You might find yourself  barely squeezing into the jacket you bought with your last allowance. Go skiing on the Alps. Dance your life out at a trini carnival.  These memories will stick with you forever.

16. Go on a holiday with your besties

Create memorable moments with your best friends. Quality time with besties will be much harder to plan as you get older (trust me!) because everybody is busy with their own bubble. Nevertheless, it does not mean it is impossible to plan a weekend get together or a real holiday with your girlfriends. When looking back on a awesome holiday, you will totally cherish the moments when were together!

17. Learn a language 
Learning a foreign tongue when you’re young is not only easier, it can also make you cleverer in other ways.

18. Support local communities

There’s no better moment to lend your time and effort to people in need than when you are in your teens and 20s. You are still fit and healthy, and can do rigorous work and not get tired as easily. You also probably have more free and open unstructured time on your hands. Several organizations require travel, and that can be fun at that age.

19. Live abroad for a year

It’s best to do this when you’re young since you still have a moderate amount of freedom to move around, and because there are lots of opportunities to go abroad through colleges. Move to at least one major city, or at least, out of your hometown. People who have never lived anywhere but home are less worldly and familiar with different cultures and viewpoints.

20. Eat whatever you want

Eat anything and everything you want to, buy whatever you wish you to, atleast for a day, without counting the money.

21. Disconnect for a week

No phone, No internet, No TV,  Nothing. Free yourself from the burden of modern technology. Sure, you may want to blow your brains out at first, but you’ll discover some amazing things you may not have otherwise. Plus, you’ll learn a lot more about yourself. If you think the temptation of screens will be too great, remove yourself from them. Spend the entire time camping or hiking.

22. Skinny dip

What feels more freeing than an old-fashioned naked swim? I’d recommend a place with flowing water, like an ocean or lake. Less risk of venereal disease.

23. Drink proper coffee

Coffee is great. I’m in my twenties and I go through at least 1 sometimes 2 cups a day. Not only is coffee arguably good for you, it’ll keep you awake while you’re in college or grad school. Let’s face it, you’ll be drinking it later in life regardless, why not start while you’re young so that you can take advantage of its magical powers now?

24. Dance until the morning

By your 30s and 40s, most people have had it with loud concerts, crowded bars, obnoxious club experiences, casual hookups,  heavy drinking and drug use. Take advantage of your youth, and get all that out of your system. If you have kids one day, it’s almost guaranteed your priorities will change.

25. Save More, Spend Less

Gives you sense of security and prevents stress from debts etc.

26. Get yourself organised

Evidently this is an issue even amongst college-aged kids (as I can attest to). So, fix this by injecting a little bit of OCD into your life at an early age. Keep post-its, uh, posted around your desk to remind you of things you need to do. Use the reminders app on your iPhone. Keep a planner, and update it regularly.

27. Visit New York City for new year’s eve

People from around the world go to NYC for the big Time’s Square Rockin’ Eve ball drop. They fill the streets for one of the biggest televised parties with celebrities. It looks crazy and crowded, but it also looks like fun and I would love to experience it! It’s an awesome thing to do before you turn 30 that you can do after 30 but you may not really be up for it after that!

28. Stop drinking soda

Get started on quitting the sweet stuff before 30, and you’ll be healthier for the rest of your life.

29. Attend One Memorable Music Concert

Make it a point to attend one memorable music concert, where you will get to see your favourite artist performing live on stage.

30. Follow your dream

Whether it’s big or small, you should definitely try to achieve at least one of your dreams before kicking the figurative bucket.

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