5 Apps That Will Improve Your Personal Development


1 Lumosity

Become even smarter with this brain training app. Lumosity is a fun way to train your memory and challenge your brain. The games are fun and challenging and will only take up 15-20 min of your day.

2 Self Help Classics

This is the self-improvement library! The books in this apps are all focussed on personal development and changing your life in the way you want it to be. ‘‘This app includes life-changing books on personal improvement, inspiration or business success from famous authors, thinkers or self-made billionaires of the past.”

3 Culture Dude

Love to have cross-cultural knowledge and being able to fit in no matter where you travel? This app is absolutely amazing and will help you understand cultures from all around the world. It is not necessarily focussed on theory but more on the practical cultural side. With fun games, you will experience the habits and understand the cultural differences.

4 GPS for the Soul

Is your life a bit out of balance and do you need to refocus? This amazing app can measure your stress rate and emotions. Once this app has measured your emotions it will give you a guide on how to stimulate and improve the positive emotions. You can also make your own guide, that whenever you feel stressed, you just do the exercises or read the poems that work for you in order to bring you back in harmony and balance.

5 Habit Factor

If you have difficulties with making the healthy living your lifestyle, studying on time or you want another ‘good’ habit to become your own, Habit Factor is what you need! It allows you to track your goals and habits and analyze your results. This app will help you reach your goals, concentrate your energy and refocus.


Source: careergirldaily

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