5 things that can make your Winter work from home better

work-from-home-essentials-2020When we first entered quarantine in March 2020, nobody would have thought that we would be still be working from home. It is now December and here we are, let’s be honest, I feel like we are all making the most of it. There might be a couple of items making it way better. Because a cozy day at home while working is possible—as long as you have these essentials.


1. Organic loungewear

oversized-organic-cotting-sweatshirt-arket-black-musthaveArket Oversized Organic Cotton Sweatshirt €59


Arket Modal Blend Leggings €19

french terry sweatpants arket

Arket French Terry Sweatpants €59

2. Blanket

Linnea Andersson Blanket €79

Linnea Andersson Blanket €79

Woven from lambswool and detailed with fringed edges on the short sides, this Klippan blanket is thick and warm yet soft and comfortably lightweight.

This product is part of a collaboration between ARKET and Swedish artist and illustrator Linnéa Andersson (b. 1989). Exploring the intersection of art and design, her work is influenced by Scandinavian design as well as the psychedelic era. The motif of sinuous branch and leaf textures painted in rich ultramarine blue is her distinct signature and runs as a red thread through her compositions.

3. Skin Food Body Butter



Weleda Skin Food Body Butter €13.99

Pamper your skin all over with luscious, intense moisture. Harnessing the powers of Weleda’s original and well-loved Skin Food, our fragrant body butter imbues your skin with a unique combination of botanical extracts. Wild pansy, calendula and chamomile help soothe and comfort dry skin, while organic shea and cocoa butter leave it intensely nourished and petal-soft. The fast-absorbing butter leaves a non-greasy feel to skin whilst providing lasting hydration. The all-natural fragrance leaves a lingering scent of sweet orange, aromatic lavender and mellow  balsamic benzoin. Let the luxury soak in, for supple skin.

4. Slippers


Zara Home Teddy Slippers € 29,99

Work from home with utterly comfy shoes!

5. Cherry pit pillow


Kersepitje Kersenpitkussen Picolo €12.99

Home workspace causing back and neck pain? Try this!  The cherry pit pillow is coming to the rescue! There are a lot of natural remedies for combating pain, and a cherry pit pillow is one of the simplest but most effective heat sources. Heat rapidly softens your pain, relaxes your body, and more quickly chases any kind of waste material naturally generated by your muscles. Handy, right?

The little pillow, filled with cherry pits, heats up easily and rapidly (for example in the microwave oven), and keeps this nice warmth very effectively. The pad molds itself to the body and gives off a uniform heat, and it’s never cooler than your own body temperature.


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