6 Things Every Woman Should Try In 2016

As organized woman, there are still some things left over to be improved. You might have your own New Year checklist prepped and ready. Here are a few more things to consider adding on (if they aren’t there already). Because trying new things keeps life interesting and you productive.


1. Schedule yourself out

Choose a day and spend 30 minutes or so scheduling out all of your appointments. Doctor, dentist, optometrist, dermatologist, and any specialists you might see for a check-up once a year. Getting these visits on the calendar is half the battle.

2. Establish a morning routine

Let’s face it, mornings can be tough, even for the self-proclaimed morning people. Creating a morning routine will keep you on track and your priorities in line.

3. Pick up the phone

Every now and again, it’s great to pick up the phone and actually speak to someone. The best time? Think extremes. When you are overwhelmingly happy, call to share the great news. An email can never convey the joy in your voice on your best day ever. The same goes for when you are terribly upset. Your friends and family are the only ones who can share your feelings, too, so make sure you stay in touch!

4. Say no

It’s OK to put yourself first. Politely decline that thing you don’t want to do and likely don’t have the time for. It’s not sustainable for you to be everything to everyone! Everyone needs time to themselves sometimes, so don’t feel bad for shutting the door on your loved ones.

 5. Learn something new

Sure, you learn new things at work everyday. But what about that thing you’ve always wanted to know how to do? Perhaps you want to play the piano? Or learn a new language? Or become a IT nerd and learn to code or how to photoshop.

6. Meditate

Studies continue to show the incredible benefits of meditation, from reducing anxiety, and stress to actually changing the brain. Try taking a few minutes every day and sit in silence. Acknowledge all those wandering thoughts swirling in your head and let them go without reacting to them.

You know how sometimes you need to turn your phone off and back on to get it to work properly? Apply that principle to your mind.

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