Breathing as a tool for living mindful

Conscious breathing is one of the best exercises to help you be more aware of yourself. Follow a few times a day, the coming and going of your breath. Conscious breathing helps you to know what you ‘re doing. Your breath is your anchor. Use also conscious breathing when you become anxious, desperate or annoyed; it helps you to remain calm, clear and do what at the time is right for you.

Conscious breathing is a tool that can help you practice this attitude. Try to focus on your breathing a few times a day. Count a couple of times until 10, with the uneven numbers you breath in and with the even numbers you breath out. One -breath in, two -breath out, three -breath in, and so on.

Take your time
Start your day with enough time, so you don’t have to rush. Take time for a good breakfast. By doing things consciously very slow, that reminds you again on what you’re doing. If you take the time, you can better focus your attention. Take frequent breaks. By working quietly and purposefully, your day will become much more productive. Instead of doing thing in a hurry and always going on automatic pilot. Do as much as you can but one thing at a time.

Focusing your attention on what you are doing means for example:
When I’m walking, I’m walking (not texting on my phone).
When I’m eating, I’m eating (not watching TV).
When I’m talking on the phone, I’m talking (not clicking on my laptop)

If you do too much at once, you’ll lose your attention and you make mistakes. You forget where you had put your things, or what you said to whom. Why not taking some time to do the things one by one, with full attention by questioning yourself  ‘What do I need right now?’.

Wherever you are, you can always shift your attention to your breath. Conscious breathing helps you in being more aware of what your needs are in that exact moment. Maybe you need to meditate, relax, exercise, eat healthy, get enough sleep, intimacy, being with others or humor. If you listen to your needs, you take better care of yourself. Especially after a stressful day or event it is a good thing to restore your battery again. By listening to your needs, you can reduce stress and strengthen your health.


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