Brimstone by Martin Koolhoven

Brimstone by Martin Koolhoven is a genre-bending Western Thriller from the 1880. An epic thriller set in the old west and I was part of it! A triumphant tale of powerful womanhood and resistance against a violent past that refuses to fade.

Liz (Dakota Fanning) is a mute young woman who lives together with her husband and two children. She is a midwife and communicates through sign language, sometimes assisted by her daughter. Her relationship with her 14 year old son could be better, but otherwise Liz’s life seems pretty good. When the new reverend (Guy Pearce) climbs the pulpit in church, Liz freezes. She immediately knows she and her family are in danger.

In four chapters we see not only how the reverend tries to take everything Liz loves away from her, but also how her life has unfolded in the past.

I was asked to be an extra (background actress sound much cooler haha) to play in the movie Brimstone. I’m very lucky and happy to play in the same movie as Kit Harington!!! Like omg! and of course Dakota Fanning, Carice van Houten and Guy Pearce. This was a lifetime experience, I have met the most awesome people on the set (check the full cast on IMDb here)! In Chapter two you will see me in the background walking through certain scenes. Please find below some pictures from the vibe of the Brimstone set.


Together with Bob Stoop & Sid van Oerle with a gorgeous backdrop! brimstone-movie-thriller-martin-koolhoven-western-cast-amsterdam-premier-2016

These cowboys were exactly also starring in the serie Homeland as terrorists! How cool ha!brimstone-movie-thriller-martin-koolhoven-western-cast-amsterdam-premier-cast-irene-van-guin-brimstonemoviebrimstone-movie--martin-koolhoven-western-thriller-irene-van-guin-talizia-2

Me and Talizia between the scenes..

Brimstone  is a genre-bending film that draws inspiration from the American Southern Gothic genre, but also has a strong foothold in Dutch religious culture. Be aware that this movie will get under your skin! Watch it on the big screen – Release date: Thursday 12th of January 2017. Tonight will be the first Film Premiere in Tuschinski Amsterdam, The Netherlands with a black carpet instead of a red carpet!


Martin Koolhoven, 149 minutes, starring: Dakota Fanning, Guy Pearce, Carice van Houten, Kit Harington

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