cartier summer polo

Cartier summer polo 2013

The crème de la crème of high society events and the strict dress code at the Cartier summer polo proves that dressing to impress is still highly important.

Significantly tailored to style and elegance is all that Cartier stands for.
While you may be concerned about the width of your dress straps, the length of your skirt, or whether your head piece is big enough to comply with the regulations to achieve a royalty worthy look.

I decided to wear a flowy summerly dress from Asos with some golden accesoires (Zara rings and heels & Swarovski earrings) and my precious Celine trio bag.

No matter how much time and effort you spend on great hair, fabulous make-up, elegant clothes and sassy shoes the attention should go to Polo match right ;)

Ph 4.  Me & Frederick
Ph 5. Cartier watch collection
Ph 6. Yummy Salmon tartare
Ph 7. The cutest puppy of the event
Ph 8. Cartier Polo trophy


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