Coloring Book for adults for a stress free 2015


Secret garden book from Johanna Basford & Flowers via Bloomon size L


Coloring book for adults for a stress free 2015

The solution sound weird but yes coloring in coloring books is the real deal. I started with the Secret garden book from Johanna Basford and it’s really addictive. These new adult coloring books have been popping up left and right and it really relieves your stress from the every day live. You can see coloring as a form of active meditation and if you spend about half an hour simply coloring each day, you will feel better. Coloring gives people a creative outlet as well as a low-stress concentration and exertion with bright colors that can lower anxiety. Coloring also lets the brain free up thoughts to think about people value in life and divert energy into something constructive. Color away and definitely don’t stress about the lines. Will you start coloring?






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