Don’t worry be happy


Winter is coming… and bad days are inevitable and even though we might not realise it on the spot, they actually help us to appreciate life even more. Minor events can trigger a bad day, for example oversleeping and arriving late to work, being stuck in traffic or having a misunderstanding with your boss.

However, there is some good news: bad days can be turned around and end just as quickly as they started! Here are a few tips that will help you go through bad days, turning them into fab ones!

1.Find a pet!
If you don’t have one, find one! Whether it’s in a petting zoo or whether you go round to see your friend’s new cats, what you really need on a bad day is to spend some time with something fluffy! Have you ever heard of pet therapy? It is actually a thing and it has helped many people overcoming difficulties and hard times.

Animals can incredibly improve your moods so that behavioural therapists use them to help with healing. You may not own an animal but this would be a great chance to go to the closest shelter and share a bit of love. Those cute furry friends are just waiting for you!

2 Wash it all away
We’re not saying you’re dirty, promise! But when you feel nervous, stressed, tired or grumpy, a hot shower or bath or a Sauna is what you need to wash away your worries. A study from the International Journal of Stress Management showed how anxiety and depression consistently decrease after a bath with food-grade Epsom salts.

3. Hug someone
Sometimes all you need to turn your bad day into a positive one is a hug from a person you love. Human touch is indeed a form of therapy and can help healing and even recovering from bad accidents. Do you need an excuse to wrangle your friends and family and force them into long hugs? We didn’t think so.

4. Listen to a song you love
Although fairly obvious, creating a playlist especially for bad days is a great way to lift your spirits. Don’t choose any mellow or sad songs, they might push your bad day into an even worse one – but instead search for upbeat, happy songs you’d like to dance to!

5. Sign out of social media
We’ve already talked about stepping away from social media for a bit, but for some of us it might feel like cutting off an arm or a leg. We all know that on a bad day, even the tiniest thing on Facebook can set us over the edge, so it’s best to stay away. You’re way more likely to publish a rant on social media if you’re already having a bad day – so it’s best to just take a breather from it, or hide everyone who annoys you from your newsfeed!

6. Watch your favourite TV Show
There’s nothing better than a comfortable night in with some ice cream and your favourite TV show. You could always spoil yourself by re-watching some episodes of Sex and the City. There’s something so uplifting about old favourites!

7. Workout
What’s the very last thing you want to do after a bad day? We’re telling you to do that! Working out will allow you to release endorphins, a hormone that can actually boost your mood.  At the same time, it will also allow you to release all the bad energy and increase your blood flow. You don’t need to hit the gym, just a 15-minute basic session of planks, squats, push ups, crunches and stretches will serve the purpose.


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