Dutch weather

irenevanguin-bicycle-dutch-thenetherland-bike-hema-lifestyleThe Dutch and their bicycles, they’re pretty legendary. Using a car in Dutch cities is hopelessly inconvenient and expensive so most people commute, do their errands and transport their kids by bike. Rain, thus, has little effect on whether people cycle or not but that doesn’t actually make us enjoy cycling in the rain. The Dutch say: ‘You are not made of sugar, you won’t melt in the rain!’. When you cycle for utility reasons the weather is of lesser importance. If you go to work by bike, you go there when the sun shines but of course also when it rains. I actually ignore the the rain.  I don’t wear cycling gear that often but when the rain comes pouring down I always wear my Hunter boots.  When it come to everything regarding cycling in the Netherlands the kind of gear to protect from the rain is perfectly suited for everyday. Cycling is so practical, without mentioning cheap and environmentally friendly, and the extra exercise comes as a plus!

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