What to do if your hairdryer is not working anymore?

Since I had my straightner from GHD hair which I got so comfortable with, I’ve deciced to buy the GHD air
Blow drying is an essential part of a hair styling especially since I got shot hair (well short.. I mean a bob). 
My hair is naturally fairly wavy and a little frizzy, so that’s pretty much what it looks like. The ends are always flipping out, and there’s a great deal of frizz. I don’t bother blow drying because I wash my hair at night and then if I want to style it, I just do the iron in the morning. if I’m in a hurry, I just run the flat iron over the topmost layer of hair around my head for a reasonably smooth look. I also apply heat protectant product to my hair, paying special attention to the end
I’ve found that flatironing the just blown-out sections is the key for me to get really straight, glossy hair. Using the iron by itself takes too long, and just blowing out didn’t get my really coarse, wavy hair straight enough. Using the flat iron also prevents me from getting the “mushroom head” effect that blowing out with a round brush sometimes produces.

GHD hair dryer made a world of difference, it’s the ideal tool to help create a salon look at home professional.
A hairdryer doesn’t just dry hair, it inspires it ;)


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