Data tells us that colorful photos, particularly those predominantly washed in blue, get the most likes on Instagram. But it takes more than a saturation slider to attract, and engage, a dedicated following on one of the world’s most popular photo-sharing platforms. Learn the secrets for developing Instagram account that is worthy to follow.


1. Coherence

‘Theme’ your stream! Showing coherence in your pictures helps followers to get a sense of who you are and really get connected to your point of view. Try to use one filter to get a coherent instagram feed. I will admit, it took about a year for me to find my groove on Instagram, but after paying close attention to what those very early followers were engaging with and responding to the most, I discovered some patterns that really spoke to my voice and what I love.

2. Consistency

posting at least once a day, if not two or three times. The more you post, the more chances you’ll relate to a potential follower. It’s good for your followers to know what they can expect from you, rather than being all over the place, and that they can expect regular updates. I must admit making the time to create daily posts to keep a consistent aesthetic is quite a hard thing to achieve!

3.Strategic taggin

Collaborating with others that are also looking to build their following can built up the exposure. Try to cross-promote each other or use relevant hashtags in trending topics. Try to avoid overloading on “popular” or generic keywords, but I do think if your image content can be accurately tagged with a few keywords, that can indeed help people to find you from the crowd

4. Analytics 

 Try to work with the data. Use for example‘s analytics service for $2.43/month, which identifies the best times to post on your particular account. And never buy followers, commenters or likes — it won’t work out in the end, especially if you try to monetize your feed.

5. Quality

Try to capture high quality photos with your smartphone or add the photos from your SLR camera and upload those on Instagram. Remember, capture things in bright daylight to get the perfect ‘Insta feed’ that is worthy to regram.

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