How to keep up your social life


If you’re like me, your girlfriends are family. You celebrate exciting milestones and support each other through traumatic events. You can sit on a couch for hours without saying anything other than “pass me some cookies” And you tell each other the truth about everything, from unflattering outfits to toxic romances.

So why, sometimes, do we find ourselves neglecting these precious relationships? Sure, many of us are married or will go on to find significant others. And yes, we all have career and family obligations, but shouldn’t best friendships be prioritized, too?

Even if you do carve out time to see your girlfriends, it can be hard to stay present with the time you do have together. There’s always an opportunity for all of us to be better friends.

1. Unplug from technology

This one should be easy, but sometimes I feel like my phone is permanently glued to my hand. Your fingers may even instinctively swipe right when you see your screen light up with a new message. If you have a bad habit of monitoring your texts and emails during dinner dates, turn off your phone to avoid any temptation. Your messages will still be there when you turn it back on.

2. Make one-on-one plans

It’s easy to rely on big group activities or events to see the people you care about. But the truth is, the best time spent is time spent with just one other person. You have different friends for different reasons, so it’s important to see your shoulder-to-cry-on friend separately from your super-fun-up-for-anything friend. Carve out one-on-one time when you can get the most intimate experience with your girlfriend.

3. Remember important dates

Remembering birthdays is an obvious requirement of any best friendship, but what about wedding anniversaries? Job promotions? And isn’t it just as important to remember the difficult milestones as it is to remember the fun ones? Acknowledging the death of a friend’s loved one or the date of a tough breakup will show them just how much you care about their happiness—and their hardship.

4. Share the conversation love

Generally, people love to talk about themselves. It makes us feel recognized and loved, but at some point, it gets to be too much. You may find yourself at a girls’ dinner sharing family updates and photos, complaining about work, and asking for a favor, all before the waiter comes to take your order. Quality time doesn’t come around very often, so don’t let a meal go by without hearing updates from everyone at the table.

5. Actively stay in touch

Staying in touch can be tough, but it’s important to reach out and let your friends know you’re thinking about them—make them feel valued. An easy way to stay in touch is to set a specific date to get together. Putting something on the calendar will hold you both accountable. As for long distance relationships, you can do the same thing via phone or video chat dates. Most of the time it’s good to unplug around friends, but in certain situations technology is what actually allows you to stay in touch. And let’s all be grateful for that.


How do you keep your friendships thriving?

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