How To Make Your Home A Happier Place

From the KonMari method to feng shui, we all know the importance of a happy home. A balanced, organized, clean home can make you way more productive as well as boosting your mood and making that relaxing time in the evenings feel much better! Balance your home and make it a happier place!

1. Go green
Plants look great in any house, they can look super chic, suit a vintage vibe and have a whole host of benefits for you, as well as converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Make your house smell amazing and even enable you to grow your own produce. Pick up palms for living rooms or bedrooms as they grow in low light conditions, Spider plants for the kitchen as they’re great for purifying the air and scented plants like Jasmine or Lavander for hallways and bathrooms.

2. Get the lighting right

Keep your curtains open during the day and allow plenty of natural light to enter your house, make sure you have heavy curtains in your bedroom to allow you to get a great nights sleep. Don’t forget to regularly air rooms out either, throw the windows open and get some air in! Natural light will boost your mood and make every room feel lighter and brighter, in darker rooms get halogen bulbs as they mimic sunlight, and in chilled rooms opt for dimmer lamps so you can create a relaxed vibe.

3. Tidy up as you go

Nobody wants to tidy the whole house, and aside from throwing all your junk away (KonMari!) there’s little you can do. So set a timer for 3 minutes before you leave a room and do a quick tidy up, if you don’t finish it come back later and do the same again. Eventually, it will get done!

4. Don’t block your furniture
Don’t have your desk facing the wall or your bed blocked off from the rest of the room, feng shui believes in balancing the home by placing your bed diagonally with an unobstructed view of the room and the door and balancing the water in the bathroom with earth tones. Strangely employing feng shui does seem to work, even if it’s all psychological.




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