How to plan your goals for 2016


Happy New year! The year 2015 is now already in the past, and while you might not have got everything done last year, you can start making plans for 2016 and getting ready to start putting plans into action. Here’s how to make a plan for 2016 and actually stick to it.

1. Write down your goals

You may have just one goal that you want to accomplish next year. Or you may have several. Regardless of the number of goals that are fresh in your mind, it’s important to remove them from the figments of your imagination and write them down. This simple first step allows you not only to physically see what your goals are, but it helps you make them a reality. For example, chances are when you see your daily or weekly “to-do” list lying around, you want to make some headway on it. The same thing applies to your list of goals. If you see it, you will be more likely to jump on it and do it.

2. Focus on one goal at a time

As you prepare to tackle each goal on your list, don’t try to be superwoman and attempt to achieve all of them at once. Instead, begin with the least challenging goal and work on it until it is achieved before moving onto the next. Beginning with and completing the “easiest” item, will give you confidence to move forward and achieve the rest. So now that you have your list of goals, re-write them in order of easiest to most challenging. Again, physically seeing your goals written in this order will create a clear visual.

3. Create a timeline

Now that your goals are clearly arranged, begin with the first item on your list and create an outline or timeline of what needs to be done in order for you to achieve this particular goal. Make this outline as detailed as possible. Next, set aside time, preferably the same time each day to work on small portions of your outline. This will make achieving your goals less daunting, less stressful and most important, this will allow you to hone in on specific skills that you need to achieve each aspiration.

4. Stick to your plan

In order to accomplish your goals, you’re going to need to stick to your plan. This means chipping away at aspects of each item everyday. If you were a little kid and your goal was to learn how to ride your bike, then you would have to practice a little bit each day in order to get the hang of it. The same principle applies to achieving your goals. If you want them to become a reality, you have to maintain the motivation needed to accomplish them.

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