How to promote your blog or business

Macbook pro skin and Iphone 5 case via casapp 
Most of you own a blog and the best way to get more audience to you website is through social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, instagram and so on. To take it to the next level it is also important to advertise offline. Think about signs and banners to promote your business in every day life. A small company or as a blogger you have a small budget. Everybody loves to be displayed on a billboard on Time Square NY. What I mean to say is to ‘think BIG but act small’.  Without right advertising, it is impossible to get your company or blog noticed in the market. 
There are lots of methods to promote yourself. One of the most affordable and yet effective methods of promotion are signs and banners. Start for instance with a “iphone case” or a skin for your macbook or Ipad. These banners will help you to convey your message to a large number of audiences while you are drinking a coffee in a public place. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd, don’t be shy, be creative! I have even transformed my city-bike and added a vinyl banner on the front of the box, how cool is that right? Anyway, how to get started? 
 5 Tips on creating signage
  1. Make your signs easy to read. 
  2. Use large-scale lettering and contrasting colors.
  3. Clearly present your products or blog and be sure your contact information is visible.
  4. Use color, graphics and lettering that fit your brand.
  5. Have fun!


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