Love yourself and recognize what makes you happy


Social distancing can lead to adverse psychological and physiological effects. But there are things you can do to maintain your overall health. Most of us, loving others comes naturally. Whether it’s loving your family, friends or a significant other, often we are quick to offer love and accept people for who they are. But, when it comes to loving ourselves it doesn’t come as easy.

Naturally, we are our own worst critics and are too quick to forget that we are worth loving. While it’s a far from simple process, here are a few tips to help you learn how to love yourself:

1. Be honest with how you feel
Learn to admit how you really feel and then you can learn to accept it. Stop living the way you think you should and start doing what feels right. It’s only then that you will be perfectly happy with your decisions.

2. Expand your interests
To really love yourself there has to be plenty to love. Try things you’ve never tried, go to places you’ve never been and learn about stuff you know absolutely nothing about. The more that makes up who you are, the more there is more to like about yourself.

3. Be patient
Often we are set in the mindset of how our lives should be and feel frustrated when we aren’t quite there yet. Let go of the fear and learn to just accept things for how they are. You’ll find the opinion you have of yourself will be much more favorable.

4. Eliminate negative people
Anyone who contributes to you thinking less of yourself should be eliminated from your life. Remove toxic people from your circle. You will realize that loving who you are is far easier when you’re surrounded by people that make you a better person.

5. Spend time alone
Time just by yourself will help you to learn exactly who you are and the person that you should be loving. Recognize what it is that makes you happy, motivates you or annoys you. The more you know about yourself, the more there is to like.

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