My facial routine

I start with the cleansing with Creme mousse confort: It is a  rich and gentle, this luxurious creamy cleanser delivers a voluptuous foam to melt away makeup, even waterproof, and dissolve impurities. I‘m very particular about which products I put on my face, and even MORE picky about the products I use to remove them. This is my all time favorite cleanser. It smells heavenly! Like soft roses, and it takes off even the harshest waterproof mascara. It foams up to a thick lather depending on how much of the product you use. I keep mine in the shower and use it daily. Doesn’t irritate or dry out my skin, and it’s actually a pleasure to use.

Before applying my moisturizer I use the tonique. My skin feels so fresh and clean after using this toner. It is gentle, non-drying and has a pleasant scent. It doesn’t tingle or sting, just feels nice and refreshing. My moisturizer absorbs so much better when applied after this product. 

Hydra Zen is one of my favorite moisturizers. Everybody has to try out for themselves if a product suits them or not but as far as the ingredients are concerned, this moisturiser is great and contains all you need for good-looking skin. 

Don’t forget the eyes! I recently started using this after being a loyal user of Lancome’s eye creams…I found that Clinique worked wonders for my eyes, which get quite tired and puffy after staring at a computer screen day in and day out. I use it twice a day, after cleaning and moisturizing and though it hasn’t gotten rid of my dark circles, it’s lightened them a lot.

Knowing your skin type is absolutely necessary in order to make a right decision about a proper skin care or treatment, which is suitable for your particular skin needs. The initial quality, or type, of your skin is genetically determined.

However, the health and beauty of your skin later in life largely depends on what you eat and how you take care of yourself. What are your ideas about skincare?


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