smart shopping

After the Dutch government fell this past April, the current five party coalition in Parliament agreed to a set of austerity measures in order to meet the EU requirement that Member States have a deficit below 3% of GDP.One of the key changes is that the general value added tax (VAT, or belasting toegevoegde waarde (BTW) in Dutch) rate will be increased from 19% to 21% starting on October 1, 2012. Increasing it will also reduce the spending power of Dutch households! 

This week is totally hectic for me because I have to buy all the things I need! well it’s not that I really really need it… (A new LCD, Shoes and Clothing for the Winter, a Billy bookshelf from the Ikea to place all my new shoes and uuhmmm Mac Make up and the new IPHONE 5 and so on;)

Anyway gals what are you waiting for! Go shopping… what is on your shoppinglist?


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