5 x beaches you should visit in Thailand

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Beaches in Thailand – first destination: Koh Samui 

The best beaches for white powdery sand and clear water are Chaweng, Chaweng Noi and Lamai. The other beaches on Samui are ok but the sand tends to be corser and sometimes the water not as clear (Bophut,Choengmon,Maenam etc). The clarity of the water depends on,well, a number of factors. When was the last storm, what has the tide brought in today! But, generally, Chaweng has very clear water. if staying at the northern end in July, you will not able to swim because the water barely creeps over the reef wall. That means the southern end is quite packed with people swimming,water-skis and the odd plastic bottle.

The middle part of the beach is also affected by the reef. Lamai has excellent swimming conditions in July though the water is not quite as clear as at Chaweng.  Don’t expect Maldive type beaches,as long as the beaches are nice. Koh Samui is a transit place to go to Koh Phangan, Koh Tao.



Koh Madsum

Just a short journey around to the southern side of Samui Island to Koh Madsum, so great for those who can’t with stand timely boat excursions and rough seas. Koh Madsum is one the beautiful small islands, clear waters thriving with marine life, beautiful white sandy beaches and cute swings all of the island. We just asked a local fisherman to offer us a private long tail boat from Taling Nam pier for 1000 bht to Koh Mudsum. It’s highly recommended to ask and bargain with some local fisherman as touroperators will ask you the double price.  A great experience to discover some islands!





 Koh Phangan – Haad Tian & Haad Yuan

If you are looking for somewhere beautiful to chill out, eat gorgeous food, do yoga and treat yourself, Haad tian is the place. A beautiful setting with accommodation choices for any budget. It is the kind of place you book into for a week and end up staying for a month. The beach itself opens out onto a blue shallow lagoon perfect for swimming.

Haad Yuan beach is located north of Haad Rin where the famous full moon party takes place. A Secret little beach town with just a handfull of bungalows available. The place is still pretty quit and perfect for short and relaxing vacation. The beach is famous also for the weekly party that takes place at Gay’s Bar and Eden Garden.

Note that there is no timetable for the boat service from Had Rin beach – you need to rely on the goodwill of the boat people. You can be charged anything from 200 bht to 300 bht pp depending on the time of day you arrive and how many other people are travelling on the boat. The beach is famous also for the weekly party every Friday night at  place called Gay’s Bar. The party has been running for several




 Koh Tao – Aow leuk

This is a private beach, so get there before 5pm, because that’s when they close it unless you stay at the AOW leuk resort. The beach is the cleanest I have ever seen. Each side of the bay has plenty of snorkeling opportunities around the boulders and reefs where you can see all sorts of colorful reef favorites. I saw a lot of beautiful big fish and even a baby sharks! Aow Leuk the best beach for snorkeling, swimming or sunning yourself on the beach and makes a great day out while you are on Koh Tao. The beach is wide and sandy and the bay is perfect for swimming although there are a few rocks at the shore line.  Just take care in the waves. Its one of our favorite places to snorkel and swim! The water is deep and cold, such a luxury compared to the shallow hot beaches that you get closer to town. There are also a few good restaurants and snack places on the beach so you don’t have to bring much with you. The best beach on the island, unfortunately its not the easiest to get to, but its totally worth it. It is like a little corner of paradise.

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