5 x tips on how to unwind on your holiday


5 x tips on how to unwind on your holiday

Imagine that you’re going on a holiday to a beautiful country, or just taking some time off from work and spending some time at home. The free time or the long flights gives you enough time to worry if you left everything at work “perfectly” behind. These thoughts and worries continue during your flight. This will continue the rest of the first few days as you will feel on edge, on ease. You will feel frustrated that it is not going away on it’s own not even when you’re in a beautiful country surrounded by so many things. You should be much more aware of being in the moment and feeling happy about it. The answer? Unwinding consciously from your work and responsibilities. How? Here are 5 tips that can help you to unwind and enjoy your holiday to the max!

1. Phone usage

Set boundaries – No incoming work emails/calls just disconnect your email app from your work. This can sound harsh, but everyone is irreplaceable. Limit your self on how much you are allowed to text your loved ones back home or use social media. Pick one moment of the day, for example 30 minutes of reading social media, texts and/or answering them.

2. Letting go

A thought, a sensation, a sound, a desire, an event, a period of time: sometimes some things are so great that we want to hold on to it. Or maybe we don’t want to, but we seem to be stuck. We tend to upgrade certain experiences and to reject others. In both cases it is a kind of clinging to thoughts, feelings or situations. The development of an open and aware attitude is the one of holding on to nothing. It is a conscious decision to let go. Being aware of that thought, sensation, sound, desire or event, but letting them pas by like clouds. Letting go is a way of letting things be and accepting them as they are. For more info about how to have an accepting attitude, read here the post about mindful living.

3. Outside

Going outside and specifically the nature by taking a walk, hike, run, or cycle, helps you clear your head of thoughts, letting go, relaxing, and gives you more space to breath. Things get into perspective by this way. Work or other responsibility will feel much more far away.

4. Meditate

Start your day every morning with a few minutes of (guided) meditation. You can find a lot of good meditation apps, some offer guided meditations too.

5. Using your senses

Feel, taste, smell, hear, see: knowingly use your senses that will give surprising experiences. If you’re aware – your taste tea and your sight to see the colors of your surroundings will give a a more lively and intense experience. Eventually there will be more and more moments to enjoy life, no matter how big your problems are. It’s a cliché but so true, you will  find happiness in the little things in life. Despite all the problems you encounter in your life, life has a lot of beautiful things to offer, often much more close then you’re aware of. It only takes some focus.

For more basics on mindfulness and specific exercises to practice read here more about mindful living.

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