Django takes you there

Cruising around the city with Peugeot Django Allure provides a superior and fast ride for riders on the go. This is the perfect scooter designed for a speedy commute or a trip around town.

peugeot-django-takes-you-there-irenevanguin-scooter-allure-rotterdam-4Peugeot Django Allure

Scooters are a blast to ride. There is a particular joy to be had in cruising down an urban street with the wind rushing past your face! If you decide that you want to get yourself a scooter, you will find that there are a ton of options out there. A wide variety of motorcycle and automobile manufacturers have dipped their hands into the scooter market, creating a vast range of products available for the discerning consumer. The following tips will help you navigate this complex market.

When choosing your very first scooter, start with something used, small, and cheap, and consider upgrading later. Scooters have a wide range of engine sizes, represented by the number of cc’s. The smaller the engine, the slower the scooter, and the better the fuel economy. (The reverse is also true.)

An inexpensive scooter will typically have a 50cc engine, meaning you will  be maxed out at about 35 mph. This is a nice limiter for a beginner so you’re not tempted to ride on highways or fast roads in town while you’re still getting your feet wet. Cheap scooters also won’t have the comfort or aesthetics of the more expensive options, but they will help you decide if riding a scooter is for you without spending a small fortune.



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