A city we instantly fell in love with!
As soon as we arrived in Florence, we knew there was something unique about this city. Everything clicked,it was love at first sight. Florence had everything we had dreamed of Italy, from its gorgeous alleys and squares to the best gelato we had tasted in all of the country and very friendly people. This city is ideal for walking and sights seeing, visiting museums and exhibitions, and enjoying a meal and glass of wine on the terrace of one of the many inviting restaurants and cafés lining the Piazza della Signoria, the Piazza della Reppublica or the Piazza Santa Croce.
Ph. 1 & 3 Designer Shopping – Via Tornabuoni This is designer alley! All of the most famous Italian and international designers have stores on Florence’s most elegant street. Among the many stores, you will find Armani, Bulgari, Celine, Gianni Versace, Gucci, and Prada. Stay tuned to check what’s inside my shoppingbag!
Ph. 2 & 4 Set in the heart of Florence, Santa Maria del Fiore, the Duomo dominates the city with its enormous dome. Its sheer size was typical of Florentine determination to lead in all things, and to this day, no other building stands taller in the city.
Ph. 6 One of my favorites was Ponte Vecchio, a bridge unlike anything I’ve ever seen before; shops are built along both sides of the medieval stone bridge, many with an extension so that the shops hang over the river. The oldest bridge in Florence was built in 1345, it was the only bridge to escape being blown up during World War II. There have always been workshops on the bridge, in 1593 the owners were evicted by Duke Ferdinando 1 because of the noise and stench they created. The workshops were rebuilt and let to more decorous goldsmiths, and the shops lining and overhanging the bridge continue to specialize in new and antique jewellery to this day.
Ph 5&7. The most famous gardens in the city are Florence’s Boboli Gardens, which can be found behind the Pitti Palace. I was just behind the Pitti Palace when it started to rain. I wish I had taken some photos of the garden itself. Anway way if you happen to be there on a sunny day, you can easily spend a good couple of hours here, wandering around one of the largest and most elegant Italian style gardens in the country.


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