HOW TO: Pack your suitcase for a city trip


Are you going away on a short weekend trip? Learn how to pack your bag the right way for your next trip!
1. Make a list
Start things off by making a list of all the items you’ll need to pack for your trip. Take into consideration the local weather for the area to which you are traveling, as well as the different events, functions and activities you will be attending over the weekend. Before you bring all  non-essentials into your bag.
2. Minimize Clothing
Don’t pack everything you own–just enough clothing to get you through the weekend! As it is a weekendtrip (to Prague) I have brought a stunning dress for dinner parties or drinks in the evening. I also always bring one cardigan or a jacket for when the weather gets chilly. Mine is from KirobyKim 
3. Shoes
Comfort is something on the top of the list. Wear sneaker on the go and pack some sandals and a pair of heels in the suitcase!
4. Toiletries
Keep it tiny! Do not bring the whole beauty case with you as it is just a weekend. I alway bring my concealer, eyeliner, blush and some lipstick with me. You might also want to invest in travel-size grooming products such as a body wash, floss, comb and brush. Certainly do not forget your toothbrush and toothpaste;)
5. Electronics
We all bring our smartphones, ipad, cameras and other devices. The thing most people forget is the charger! It is also handy to bring an universal adapter which is compatible to all countries.
Once you know what you will actually need, you can start thinking about things you want to bring. Bottom line: Pack efficiently!


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