Taittinger champagne tour

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 Taittinger champagne tour

Taittinger – one of the last great Champagne houses to have retained its independence and bear the name of its owners and managers, guaranteeing its expertise remains intact and of a style characterised by a high proportion of Chardonnay, synonymous with finesse and elegance in the Champagne region. We got invited to visit their 288 hectares of vineyards, which is the largest in Champagne. A lovely champagne dinner was taken care in the little vineyard house. The backdrop and sunset was breathtaking which made this dining experience and the fun people I met (Amanda RijfNiek Beute, Regi Blinker, Vivian BuckTony Perez and Orbwijn – Taittinger crew) even more special.

The next day we visited the caves of Taittinger! The history of what is one of the oldest Champagne producers in the region is absolutely fascinating. The tour starts with a short movie about the history of the area and champagne, etc.  You then move on to the caves. The tour of the Taittinger cellars is very interesting taking in the family history as you walk through the miles of cellars gazing at the millions of bottles, as one of the oldest champagne houses the original tunnels used by the Monks are still visible which adds the to mystery. The caves are beautiful and spectacular. Temperature is a constant 8-12 Celcius, so be sure to dress adequately. The tour has a number of staircases to be used and proper shoes are advisable. An elevator is present as alternative. The champagne tasting afterwards felt really rewarding. This whole tour was a pleasant experience, full of culture, history and good champagne!


Ph. 1/3/6/7/ 8 /9/11/12  credits Tony Perez

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