Thailand 3.0

1. Khao San Road nightlife 
2. Calypso ladyboyshow   

Khao san road is filled with people(mostly tourists) every night, as the road is closed for traffic and the markets are everywhere.  The street comes to life at night with street vendors everywhere, loud music pumping out of all the gazzilion different pubs there, and the distant horrible sounds of a drunken karaoke singer who seriously should be restricted by law from ever touching a microphone. Pushy tuk-tuk drivers jumping at you from all directions offering to take you to a place with girls for some “Boom-Boom”, whatever that might be…hehe….or offering to drive you to the nearest ping-pong show, and I don’t think they’re talking about the game. The Calypso Ladyboy Show on the other hand is one of the best and intriguing performances in Thailand that you must not miss! It is an extravagant, well choreographed Broadway style cabaret show with colourful costumes, with some hilarious moments, and makes for a fun filled night out. The performances will definitely be something that you have never seen before and will definitely take your breath away. With the impressive stage management, lighting as well as effects, the Calypso Ladyboy Show will showcase a variety of musical acts with splendid costumes that will be sure to take you in amazement.


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