the textile crafts at Hermès

The world of Hermès  

Hermès invited me to discover the textile crafts at Hermès as part of the métiers d’art workshops, during the Haute Couture presentations.

Hermès Textile holding is a high-quality textile branch prefers old, traditional trades to produce contemporary creations for Hermès, as well as for couture fashion and interior design houses. 
Ph.1 Engraving: this is the first stage involved in preparing a scarf for print. It consist of breaking down the original design into as many frames as there are colors. This artisanal, highly meticulous work is intended to ensure that the details of the original illustration together with the soul of the design are transcribed as accurately as possible onto the silk. 
Ph 2. Me & Kamel :)
Ph 3. Frame-printing or lyonnaise printing: this is a traditional printing technique. The craftsman prints each of the colors making up the design in turn (frame by frame) according to a very precise sequence. Some designs can contain up to 45 frames.
Ph 4. The making of a scarf (contains 4 frames) 

Ph 5. Impression of the Hermès atelier


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