Top 5 hotspot in ibiza

Where to go when you are visiting Ibiza? Once you’ve seen the light, the sunsets and the scenery of the island’s north west, you’ll feel as thought you’ve fallen into a postcard come to life. The north west is home to an eclectic mix of artists, hippies and A-listers who’ve made homes in the secluded hills. Here are the top 5 hotspots you must visit for tranquility!

1. Nagai

For the best sushi in town you must visit Nagai. This restaurant is the result of combining the passion for traveling, learning and food all rolled together to create more than the sum of the parts.

Whether you are a sushi lover or just a lover of exquisitely fashioned fusion food, Nagai has everything and anything you could wish or hope for from a truly extensive menu featuring International and Japanese dishes, modified to titillate the most discerning palates. Ranging from delicately handcrafted gourmet sushi! top-5-hotspot-ibiza-nagai-restaurant-irene-van-guin-japanese-2 top-5-hotspot-ibiza-nagai-restaurant-irene-van-guin-japanese-3Carpaccio de hamachi top-5-hotspot-ibiza-nagai-restaurant-irene-van-guin-japanese-4

The most crispy tempura

top-5-hotspot-ibiza-nagai-restaurant-irene-van-guin-japanese-6Assorted sashimi


Their famous dragon roll!


2. Aiyanna

Laid-back, luxe and at one with its natural surroundings, Aiyanna Ibiza is the new beach restaurant from the team behind Amante Ibiza. Perfectly positioned on the stunning Cala Nova bay in the North of the Island, Aiyanna promises panoramic views across the Mediterranean sea, wooden decked terraces, a dining space inspired by modern design and nature, delicious food and a warm welcome to everyone.


top-5-hotspot-ibiza-restaurant-irene-van-guin-aiyanna-restaurant-lunchGreen detox juice  & Coconut pannacotta


Black and white quinoa tabbouleh with vegetable crudité & The best Organic Ibicenco tomato salad with fresh burrata in town!



3. Aubergine

MEDITERRANEAN, local, freshly picked from the garden situated in a dreamy space of Ibiza’s countryside. Aubergine is a must visit when you want to have lunch at a chic and rural environment that provides both a family friendly atmosphere and a hideout to those who want to enjoy the quiet and slow pace of the north of the island.



The most yummy virgin pina colada!


Aubergine salad with pumpkin, feta cheese, roasted tomatoes and ‘Dijón’ vinaigratte  / Grilled squid / Shrimps with couscous / Burratina with pesto, cherry tomato and tomato jam,


4. Atzarro

Situated in the heart of the island of Ibiza and built on an orange farm,  Atzaró is an oasis ripe with the scents of orange blossom, rosemary and lavender. A place that smells deeply of the Mediterranean sea and that offers every experience necessary to enjoy the island in all its moments, a chance to enjoy a different kind of place in nature.

Come and contemplate our ibithencan architecture, our whitewashed walls, the wonderful white and red and green hues of the ibithencan countryside. Surrounded by the artifacts that serve to create a unique atmosphere. Lose yourself in the immense and extravagant gardens, relaxation areas and hidden corners. Taste our wonderful gastronomic cuisine, breathe freely the pure air, rest in one of the many day beds scattered through the gardens. Just some of the experiences that await you, in serendipitous luxury, to help you get the utmost out of your Mediterranean journey.

davBurratina with Pesto


Wild corvina Ceviche with fresh coconut and passion fruit

cofGrilled octopus with vegetables, yellow potato and smoked chili

5. Viccio Premium ice cream

Happiness is an Ice Cream spoon! Viccio  is a coffee & Ice cream Shop located in San Carlos town, Ibiza.  The Ibiza Famous Homemade ice cream is processed comibining the Best Natural ingredients from Ibiza and selected spots of the Word.
Their passion is the secret to obtain a real and Unique taste. This is the place that I went for my daily ice cream moment. Don’t forget to try the dolce de leche with chunky chocolate ;)


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