Travel in Andalucia


If you will be vacationing in lovely Andalucia, Spain, then you may want to make yourself aware of various forms of entertainment found in the area prior to your trip. Many travelers find it helpful to know what’s available to better able manage their time while on holiday. Located in the sunny Costa de Sol, Andalucia provides many forms of entertainment. One option for travelers includes the Bioparc Fuengirola. This zoo is designed around a model in which the native environment of each species is recreated. Visitors will find themselves in a tropical woodlands with animals such as orangutans, gorillas, Sumatran tigers, tapirs and pygmy hippos. Andalucia is also home to a variety of theme parks that revolve around different themes. For instance when visiting Isla Magica, visitors can expect to journey across Latin American as it was in colonial times. La Reserva is another popular part where wild animals roam free. Driving carts, canoes and other sports are available here. The Rio Tinto Mining Park highlights the mining history of the region. Also included are copper and silver mines from antiquity. With a great range of exhibits, Rio Tinto has a lot of offer. Another option for entertainment while in Andalucia is the Casino Marbella. Visitors here can find different casino games. Included in the offerings are the table games of Caribbean poker, blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em and American roulette and european roulette. The casino’s poker room has been known to host high profile tournaments including Poker Stars and the World Series of Poker, with players ranging from seasoned pros to ones that have only just transferred from online casinos such as Lucky Nugget. Not only can visitors expect to find table games but machine games as well. The slot machine room itself has 101 slot machine games. Their newer Jackpot Paradise area has another 34 slot machines. Other machine games like video poker, bingo and keno, and virtual roulette and blackjack are also offered at the Casino Marbella. Just another way to escape the heat and enjoy some airconditioning;).


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